Updated: 1/15/2020
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  • Solo
  • Kwame Alexander
  • Carina Jacobson
  • "Yes, your eyes hypnotize me. Your eyes are.... Bluer than the deepest part of the deep blue sea (Alexander 27)."
  • Blade's mom is dead. Blade's dad is an addict. Blade's sister is all about the fame and fortune.
  • Happiness finds Blade in the form of music, love songs in particular, and his girlfriend Chapel.
  • Blade Morrison, the seventeen year old son of a washed up rock star, has everything money could buy him, but he only wants one thing, a normal family.
  • Blade has dreams at night about a spider chasing him, and his mom calling out to him. He is crushed after his dad drunkenly crashes Blade's graduation. Not wanting to be a Morrison anymore, Blade learns that he was adopted. His heart breaks when he finds his one and only light, Chapel, with another guy. Blade wants to get away from Hollywood, the cameras, and his family.
  • "I don't have to try no more. Might as well just write off all these years (Alexander 195)."
  • "I sing for my father and all the people who have given me something to live for (Alexander 456)."
  • Blade researches his birth mother and decides to go to Ghana in search of her. Once in Ghana, he meets people who change his life, like Joy, a beautiful girl he met. Blade's dad arrives in Ghana after Blade. He is sober and he wants to make it up to Blade. Blade, Joy, and his father trek to the village where Blade's birth mother is.
  • "I sing for Lucy. Auntie. Mother. New shape of my heart (Alexander 456)."
  • Blade meets his birth mother, and they ask each other many questions to try to make up for the years they missed together. Blade is the happiest he has been in a long time.
  • Blade and the others paraded around the village mourning the loss of one of the members of the village and celebrating the reunion of Blade and his mother. Blade's father fought against the addictions, and he planned to stay sober. Blade was overwhelmed with love. He had previously thought that the music had left him, but he played the best song of his life, called Solo.
  • "But I know I'm not solo again. I know I always can depend on the times I hear your laughter in the wind (Alexander 455)."
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