Buddhism Assignment: Religion
Updated: 1/11/2021
Buddhism Assignment: Religion

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Lisa! I'm so excited for lunch today...
  • Hi Joan, me too! I've got something so interesting to share with you.
  • So, I heard you recently converted to Buddhism?
  • Yes! It was a great choice for me. Something that made me really want to convert was learning about the Three Universal Truths, they really resonated with me.
  • Oh yes, I've heard about those before. Anicca, Anatta and Dukta? or something like that...
  • Its actually Dukka, but close enough. They mean that everything changes, people change and suffering.
  • Oh yes right! Even though I am Jewish, I honestly believe the same things! Nothing stays the same for long and nobody is the same from birth to death, like the Anicca and Anatta say.
  • For sure! You don't have to be Buddhist to believe these things. Personally, I resonate most with the Buddha telling us in Dukka that life can never satisfy us, that is why we believe in suffering.
  • That is so interesting and very true. Days like these, no one is satisfied with anything. I'm sure that it will lead people to search for something more in life while they're living it
  • You're completely right! Buddhism is not as complex as everyone makes it seem. It's really just about learning and helping each other find their truth and what they believe!
  • Well, that was a great lunch. So good to catch up with you Lisa and learn about your beliefs!
  • Yes, I really appreciate you listening. Until next time, take care Joan!