Communication Process Model

Updated: 8/31/2020
Communication Process Model

Storyboard Text

  • Sender: the teacherReceivers: students
  • Hi everyone!! Now that I've got attendance done, let's get started.. Okay so go on ahead and go on Canvas and look to see the quiz is posted there for you.
  • Sender: the teacherReceivers: students
  • Alright, if you can see it, give me a thumbs up or unmute yourself and tell me.
  • What'd she just say?! I couldn't hear it.. I really hope it wasn't that important..
  • *Bark!! Bark!
  • Sender: the teacherReceivers: students
  • I can see the quiz. No tech issues for me!
  • Message: greeting and instructions for a quizEncoding: The teacher is greeting her students and telling them to look for the quiz posted on Canvas (online).Channel: video call through Zoom
  • Alright so before I let y'all go leave the zoom meeting and do your quiz, I wanted to talk about some housekeeping stuff...
  • Ugh, she already went over this earlier.. I don't even listen to what she's saying anymore because she just drones on & on forever..
  • I'm gonna text my friend.
  • Message: request for feedback on students' status on whether or not they can see the quizExternal Noise/Barrier: dog barking from outside, making it difficult for student to hear the teacher
  • ...... and that wraps up all the housekeeping stuff we needed to go over.
  • Okay, so I have tonight and all of tomorrow to get the blog assignment done...
  • Thanks for the reminders, Mrs. Lewis!!
  • Feedback: students follow teacher's request by giving her a thumbs up or telling her
  • Okay now, before we go, are there any questions?
  • I have a question actually... You said that our homework assignment is gonna be due Monday.. Will it be due at 8 am or at midnight?
  • Message: housekeeping stuffInternal Noise/Barrier: student annoyed with teacher, causing her not to listenInternal Noise/Barrier: student is bored and starts texting her friend on her phone rather than listening
  • Sender: the teacherReceivers: students
  • Sender: the teacherReceivers: students
  • Feedback: student thanks teacher for the remindersDecoding: student plans for how long she has to get assignment done after hearing deadlines/housekeeping stuff
  • Message: question for questionsFeedback: student asks question regarding previous housekeeping stuff discussed
  • Sender: the teacherReceivers: students