Weakenesses of the AOC

Updated: 10/5/2021
Weakenesses of the AOC

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  • Federal Government couldnt tax its citizens
  • they shouldnt tax us
  • they should tax us
  • they shouldnt tax us
  • They didnt have any money for their troops
  • The citizens had more power over congress
  • The majority of the people from the states say they dont wawnna pay taxes, so they dont
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Because of them not being able to tax their citizens and get money, they did not have any money for their troops, so they were weak.
  • Attacked
  • The states had the power to send troops, print their own money, say no to laws they dont want, they could tax their own citizens. Congress had almost no power over them.
  • States Were fighting eachother
  • Florida
  • washington
  • We regulated peace with Britain . Within 10 years, we doubled our population thanks to the articles of confederation. Congress sent their troops home due to the lack of money, while, even after the lost the war, Britain still had troops. They captured them
  • Foregn countries like spain and france were attacking us, and we didnt have any troops to protect ourselves
  • There were private citizens such as George Washington who were paying their own money for the troops food. The states were fighting eachother