Braydins Medieval storyboard
Updated: 12/14/2020
Braydins Medieval storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Life in medieval times
  • Life in the medieval times is very different then you think.
  • Kings and Queens
  • I give land to nobles for many things.
  • I give them land in promise of soldiers.
  • The Clergy
  • So much more to go.
  • -Braydin Morris7th Grade
  • Nobles: Barons, Counts, Dukes, and Earls
  • The Pope and the church had the most power at the time, say something bad about the church, you die. This also included kings, but they would be excommunicated instead. And the Pope could do this at any time, and dethrone the king. This means they needed to do nothing wrong or they would be gone.
  • Knights
  • The impact of rewriting a book is that its preserving knowledge from Roman and Greek culture. By preserving this knowledge people are able to learn from the past of what worked and what did not.
  • Peasants: freeman and serfs
  • A noble has many duties, like watching over his manor. He has to make sure he has knights if he has to protect his people.
  • I give knights land for their military service. If the manor needs to be protected, I call for the knights. If the king needs men, they're always ready.
  • In the feudal system the knights are near the bottom. but still had a lot more power over the bottom class, peasants. They served the nobles and fought for the king if needed to. They owned their own land in exchange for their service
  • When I win battles i'm able to take any ones things like this sword.
  • Other things I can take are gold and food. any thing they owned I own now.
  • Peasants had to pay to do anything other than work the fields. They had to pay the local mill to make bread with their wheat. Also, if caught milling bread on their own they would be fined.
  • I'm a peasant. I work in the fields for the knight or noble who owns the land.
  • I do get to keep some crops, but money wise i'm all out
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