The Hero Pattern
Updated: 1/28/2021
The Hero Pattern

Storyboard Text

  • The Unhealable Wound
  • The Treasure
  • The Transformation
  • Odysseus saw his dog, Argo, from a long time ago and saw what he looked like now. Argo’s owner died so he was not in the best shape and seeing him like this hurt Odysseus.
  • The Return
  • Odysseus finally claims his spot again on the throne after his kingdom. Now that he rules again, Odysseus can get everyone back in order.
  • The Journey
  • Odysseus was happy to finally see Telemachus after 20 years and his heart softened because he finally got to see his son.
  • The Other
  • Ithaca is now good and they have gotten rid of all the bad servants. They are back at peace now that Penelope and Odysseus have been reunited.
  • Odysseus proves to the crowd that he really is Odysseus by shooting the bow that only Odysseus is strong enough to use.
  • Calypso trapped Odysseus on her island and tried to bribe him into staying with her.