Customer Service
Updated: 10/27/2020
Customer Service

Storyboard Text

  • Hello welcome to Best Buy my name is Justin how may help you
  • Hey I came in here a few days ago and bought this TV and I wanna return it
  • Okay was it something wrong? Or you just wanna get something new?
  • Look man like ion got time just huh get this TV and give me my money back y’all be talking I just want my money back
  • Yes mam can I have your receipt please so that I can scan it and put it in the system?
  • Hey what seems to be the problem mam I’m the manager here
  • I don’t have a receipt look man just give me my money so I can go cause I’m already ready to spazz.
  • I didn’t call you but since your here you can give me my money back for this tv and no I don't have the receipt but I was just here
  • Then I’m sorry but I can’t offer a refund I could possibly do store credit or gift card
  • It’s okay I'll show you pick this Tv up off the ground then shawty
  • Excuse me mam can you come with me please and exit the store
  • I’m sorry it had to come to this but feel free to contact me and I can still offer those vouchers for your money
  • Man you know what okay bet bruh I’ll be back tomorrow and I’ll flip this (beep) again.
  • Yeah lets go now before I have to place you under arrest
  • Sorry once again contact me if you would like to have those vouchers for the amount you spent on the tv.
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