Updated: 3/24/2021

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  • Maybe it was the steering again, I-
  • I suddenly couldn't drive anymore.
  • No, it's me, it's me.
  • He's lost Willy. He hasn't found himself yet.
  • Where's Biff? Oh, that lazy bum!
  • Lost? In this great country? He's young, attractive and hard workin! That's one thing about him, he's not lazy.
  • Oh Biff, someday I'll have a business of my own!
  • Like uncle Charley?
  • Even bigger! He's not well liked, but I am!
  • Charley brings Willy back to reality by asking him to play cards. However Willy has another flashback of his older and more successful brother.
  • When Linda checks up on Willy she finds him outside and worries. Biff hears them and goes outside, irritated his father is acting crazy.
  • While Willy goes to bed, Linda talks with her sons. She confides in them how Willy is trying to kill himself.