Roman conclusion
Updated: 12/20/2019
Roman conclusion
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  • The Roman Republic was made out of three branches. Those branches were the Senate, Assembly, and Consuls.
  • Roman Republic
  • The Patrician and the Plebeians were different by the Patrician being old nobleman that are rich and the Plebeians being the general citizenry in the Republic.
  • The rise of the Roman Empire had a few of up-and-downs in Rome. It went from a republic to a Empire.
  • rise of the Roman Empire
  • You have probably heard of Julius Caesar the all and mighty General. he was one of the reasons Rome rose into an Empire by conquering most of Western Europe. He became the first emperor of Rome and this happened when he came back to Rome with his army win the Senate told him to come back by himself. which ended up causing a civil war. Caesar and his army won the Civil War defeating Cleopatra's brother to Pompey. When Julius Caesar was Emperor the Senate ordered his assassination. His fate was kind of brutal how the Senate went in and stabbed him about 20 times until he died. that is how Julius Caesar was a big part of the rise of the Roman Empire.
  • Pax Romana was 200 years of Peace in Rome. Rome had lots of achievements in that time like having Public Works like Road, Bridges, and monuments. Some more things like how the Roman Colosseum was built and that is where gladiatorial Games took place, also they had circuses but it's not the circuses we have today it was fights between gladiators to the death Gladiators are Roman Warriors. Pax Romana couldn't last forever and it ended up turning into the fall of the Roman Empire.
  • Pax Romana
  • The fall of the Roman Empire had many emperors. The names of the Emperor's are Augustus Caesar who became overpowered, Commodus the autocrat, Maximian who ruled the Western half of the Roman Empire, and Constantine who declared Constantinople.
  • fall of the Roman Empire
  • The emperor Constantine declared Constantinople which means that Constantine split Rome in half. Constantine ruled half and Diocletian ruled the other half. After Rome was split in half the Germanic forces tried to invade Rome. That is when Rome fell. today room still stands in the same place it always has been.
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