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Updated: 11/9/2020
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  • The Wrath of Grendel
  • Yummy!
  • The Coming of Beowulf
  • My father is Higlac. I have come to slay your monster.
  • The Battle With Grendel
  • Haha got your arm!
  • Main Idea: There is a monstrous creature that is raining havoc on the people of Herot.Textual Evidence: "Conceived by a pair of those monsters born Of Cain, murderous creatures banished By God,"Setting: Grendel's home (hell) and HerotCharacters: Grendel, HrothgarPlot: Grendel is killing the people of Herot and Hrothgar is struggling to have the monster killed.
  • Main Idea: Beowulf's courage and chivalry to come and help a community in needTextual Evidence: "That I, alone and with the help of my men, May purge all evil from this hall."Setting: Shores of Denmark, and The Hall of HerotCharacters: Beowulf, the Geats, Hrothgar, the ScotPlot: Beowulf and the Geats arrive at the shores of Denmark after word spreads of a monster problem. After convincing the scout that they are there to help, they travel to the Hall of Herot to ask permission to hunt Grendel from Hrothgar.
  • Main Idea: The courage, bravery, and loyalty shown by Beowulf.Textual Evidence: "The battle was over, Beowulf Had been granted new glory"Setting: The barracks of soldiers in HerotCharacters: Beowulf, Grendel, GeatsPlot: Beowulf and the Geats set a trap for Grendel allowing one man to be sacrificed so that Beowulf could surprise Grendel. Beowulf launched himself at Grendel tore off his arm. Grendel fled the seen to die.
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