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AOTR Chpts 11-13
Updated: 10/3/2020
AOTR Chpts 11-13
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Adam is trying to get his dog Nick from this man named Jankin who won the dog from gambling. Then He tries to swim to Jankin only to find he was to far away so he didn't have enough air so he tried to get some only to swallow a bunch of river water and hit things only to pass out. Adam woke up and Found out he was in Guildford and decided to eat and go off to find Roger. He ran and ran until he got to the market place, no one there looked like Roger and he had planned out how he was going to meet him there. Then Adam begged to let him in the castle, he told the man that he was a minstrel and sang a song, then he asked about Roger but he was not there since he moved on to somewhere else. Chpt 13- Arrows in the kings forest Adam asked Daun Williams where Roger is , and he told him the whole story of how he was chasing a ferry boat and passed out. And that Roger is in Farnham and on his way to Winchester towards Jankin. then he set out on a search he climbed atop of a horse which was very different from Bayard. Adam thought is Jankin feeding Nick well, And they set off for Roger. Not long after they found robbers and they almost got robbed. Adam saw an arrow fly over his head as he tripped on a tree root the practically saved his life. Then he saw a crset on the shield which looked like a leopard rampart he only saw that for a split second before the robbers took Daun williams.
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