Broken Blade by Mason Lawrence Hour 6
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by Mason Lawrence Hour 6

Storyboard Text

  • Go get the Docter. QUICK
  • Owww these blisters and cuts hurt! :( My muscles are sore too. D:
  • Pierre's father chopped his finger with an axe when he was trying to chop wood. Pierre´s mom asked Pierre to get the doctor and he did. . Pierre decided to become a voyageur for his family and other reasons. Pierre left behind Celeste and his family for being a voyageur.
  • Pierre is starting to get along very well with his brigade it's taking some time though. Pierre's muscles and blisters hurt and are sore but he's starting to handle it. He is a little homesick he kind of regrets signing up but is starting to feel better about canoeing.
  • His brigade went running the rapids. They had a wild and very crazy and very sad ride in the rapids because they were canoeing in the rapids then La Londe's paddle broke and then a canoe came behind them super fast. They all closed their eyes and felt no impact but heard a scream when they opened their eyes they saw La Londe missing and they all knew he sacrificed himself so everyone else didn't fall in.
  • Crossing Lake Superior was hard from all the waves and cold wind. They couldn't make it in the weather so they went on a island but got stuck on rocks. People helped them get unstuck and on the island. They were gonna take on the water but it was to rough and windy. They hugged the shoreline and went on the island.
  • When Pierre got to Grand Portage he was extremely happy that he didn't have to paddle anymore for 4 weeks and he could rest. He finally could have real food. He met people like Mukwa and Kennewah and made good friends with Kennewah. Pierre played with his brigade by talking and fighting Beloit.
  • Pierre and his brigade went back to Lachine. He will sign on to be a voyageur and see Mukwa, Kennewah, and some of his brigade again. Pierre returned back home to see his family and wait till the next spring.