No Lights Yes Life
Updated: 5/18/2020
No Lights Yes Life

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  • Introduction to what are Zooplanktons Firstly, by stating how crucial the role Zooplanktons play in our whole ecosystem.Followed by the trend scientists are starting to observe from Zooplanktons in the Arctic
  • How light will affect Zooplantons Stating that the amount of light faced by Zooplanktons in the Arctic waters are increasing at an alarming rate and is seriously affecting their survival.
  • What causes the light pollution in the Arctic Light pollution in the Arctic waters are largely caused by human activities such as shipping companies who operate by shipping commercial containers across the Northeastern and Northwestern passage.
  • How did the Arctic waters became such a busy commercial area Due to the tremendous melting of glaciers in the Arctic,it opens up more passageway for shipping companies to pass through as a shorter route instead of taking a huge roundabout to the other side of the earth in order to reach their destination.
  • Impact of headlights to the Zooplanktons Headlights are a must for ships to operate and ensure they are moving in the right direction, to prevent any accident between ships.With more human activities in the Arctic waters it will eventually causes more light pollution to it and headlights of ships might just be the greatest cause which currently considered a threat to the Zooplanktons
  • The implications caused by declining of Zooplanktons on us The decline in Zooplanktons would greatly affect the Arctic foodchain as it forms the basis of it.Specifically, the fall in Zooplanktons will result in the fall in population of beloved delicacies such as Capelin and Atlantic Cod.With the loss of these significant food sources,it could also lead to the suffering of local trade of these food sources and the eventual downfall of economies.The fall in zooplanktons can increase the levels of carbon in our air, not only accelerating climate change within our cities, but also making it difficult for everyone to breathe.