Updated: 3/17/2021

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  • thiswas the schoolroom of the children of therocket men and women who had come to araining world to set up civilization and liveout their lives.
  • Margotstood alone. She was a very frail girl wholooked as if she had been lost in the rain foryears and the rain had washed out the bluefrom her eyes and the red from her mouthand the yellow from her hair.
  • "You’re lying, you don’t remember !" cried the children.But she remembered and stood quietlyapart from all of them and watched thepatterning windows.
  • There was talk that her father and mother were taking her back to Earth nextyear; it seemed vital to her that they do so,though it would mean the loss of thousandsof dollars to her family.
  • "All a joke !" said the boy, and seized herroughly. "Hey, everyone, let’s put her in acloset before the teacher comes !""No," said Margot, falling back.
  • They walked slowly down the hall in thesound of cold rain. They turned through thedoorway to the room in the sound of thestorm and thunder, lightning on their faces,blue and terrible.