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sherlock holmes
Updated: 5/2/2020
sherlock holmes
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  • A Frightened Woman
  • A young lady has a terrible problem, Holmes and Watson hear it.
  • Good morning, madam. I am Sherlock Holmes and he is Dr Jhon Watson.
  • I am in danger. My name is Helen Stoner. I live with my stepfather, Dr Roylott. I was terribly unhappy.
  • He must give to my sister and me our mother´s money when we get married, but my sister died.
  • A Frightened Woman
  • Miss Stoner remember the night her sister day.
  • My sister fell to the ground in terrible pain. She pointed towards dr Roylott´s room. She had a burned match in her hand.
  • The night my sister died she was very nervious. She tell me heard whistle. Then I heard a scream and a whistle, later a bang.
  • A Death in the Family
  • Holmes and Watson will come to stoke moran this afternoon.
  • Please continued.
  • Is your stepfather cruel to you?
  • i am going to married my stepfather agreed it. now I sleep in the same room and bed where my sister died. I heard a whistle
  • He is often violent. Can you look at the house today?
  • A Death in the Family
  • Holmes´s door of the house suddenly opened. An enormous man entered the room.
  • please tell me exactly what happened
  • please sit down
  • I am Dr Roylott. Do not come near my stepdaughter or Stoke Moran. I am a dangerous man when I am angry.
  • A Dangerous Man
  • Holmes and Watson visit to Miss Stoner in Stoke Moran.
  • Ah, she lit a match because she saw something. it is a mystery.
  • I am very happy to see you again.
  • Please take us quickly to the part of the house where you live. We have got a lot to do before your stepfather returns tonight.
  • A Dangerous Man
  • Watson and I can see the house from the hotel on the other side of the street, put a lump next to the window when Dr Roylott´s goes to bed and we will investigate.
  • What should I do?
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