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One-Step Equations
Updated: 4/17/2020
One-Step Equations
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  • There are 728 vehicles in town. 432 of them are in parking lots. x of them are not in a parking lot. Solve for x.
  • The amount of cars in town parking lots = 432
  • x vehicles are not in a parking lot that is in town, and a total of 728 vehicles are in town.
  • 432 + x = 728 (starting equation) -432 -432 (Subtract 432 from both sides)x = 296
  • There are 296 vehicles in town that are not in parking lots.
  • Buster is 14 years old, and he has gotten 28 cavities. so far. Each year, Buster has gotten the same number of cavities. That number is x.
  • We can represent this situation with an equation. 14x = 28Now we divide by 14 on both sites. 14x/14 = 28/14 . That gives us x = 2. I get 2 cavities every year.
  • Today x people came to school, which is 19 more people than they did yesterday. 504 people came to school yesterday.
  • We can represent this as x - 19 = 504
  • To solve for x, we must add 19 on both sides.
  • We get x = 523. 523 people came to school today!
  • There was x face masks at a pharmacy on Sunday. The next day, the pharmacy sold a lot of face masks that day and did not receive any new ones, so the pharmacy had 10, or x/10 face masks. How many face masks did the pharmacy have on Sunday?
  • x/10 = 10 (starting equation) x/10 * 10 = 10*10 (Multiply both sides by 10)That simplifies to x=100
  • There was 100 face masks on Sunday!
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