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Updated: 4/27/2020
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  • once upon a time there was a girl called abigail william. abigail is not giving she is selfish manipulative and a magnificent liar.
  • one day abigail was feeling very mean and got all the girls together in the village. and took them to the woods and wanred to cast a spell on the proctors wife.
  • when abigail got home paris had a very serious conversation with abigail. she said that they were not doing witch craft. she said that they were just having fun and dancing.
  • she still denied being associated with witch craft and john was furious. so john went over to abigail and told her that what they had in the past was over. he also told her she needs to tell the court the truth.
  • the big day came prosecution day, for elizabeth and john told the courts that abigail was lying. the courts asked how he knew and he told them, abigail was very jealous of elizabeth because she liked john.
  • since he would not confess to witchtcraft the courts sentenced him to be hanged. he sacrificed his life to save his wife and his name . he believed in always telling the truth he would pick death over lying the end.
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