Unknown Story
Updated: 2/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • 911 there is an emergency. A man has been killed at 345 South Street. 
  • What did the suspect look like and did he have an accomplice?
  • DANG there are detectives everywhere
  • I found a bullet wound.
  • Sally called the police after she had just seen a murder and the police officers will be on the crime scene shortly.
  • The police officers are getting Sally's eyewitness account of what happened while the CSI Unit secure the crime scene. The Crime Scene investigators are also there to collect any evidence. Sally gave a description of the suspect that she saw. He was 6 foot tall, shaggy brown hair, a beard, and was wearing blue jeans and a blue coat, and she told them that there was no accomplice just him. 
  • It was a small handgun used.
  • Sally left the scene and went home but the police told her they would be in contact if they needed to interview her again. The Forensic Photographer showed up at the crime scene to take pictures of the body and the evidence all around it so that they don't forget where stuff was on the crime scene and if they needed it in court. The Bloodstain Pattern Analyst show up to tell how the victim was killed, they examined the body and found that he was shot at a close distance but there is no gun.
  • The John Doe body was taken to the Medical Examiner to find out if there was another factor to his death than just a gun shot. It was found that there were signs of struggle. Bruises were found around the neck of the John Doe and he was strangled to death before he bleed out. Because there was a sign of struggle the Trace Evidence Examiner was called in to find any DNA that the suspect could have left behind. There was DNA found under his fingernails but we don't know who 's it is.
  • After the Trace Examiner came in and got all the things he needed, the Forensic Ballistics Examiner came in to look at the bullet wound and the bullet that the Medical Examiner cut out. Ballistics found out that the gun used was a hand gun used on John Doe and know they are going to get Forensic Computer Investigators to try and look into different systems to find out who has that gun. The tool marks from the bullet matched it to a gun owned by Kevin Armstrong.
  • Kevin was interviewed and he gave an alibi but it did not match up. Sally was called back in to see if that was the man that she saw that night. It was so when they went to court she gave Testimonial evidence saying that it was him that she saw at the crime scene. They also showed their physical evidence, like the bullet from the gun and how they matched it up to Kevin's gun. Kevin was found guilty of murder and put in prison for life without parole.