Leonardo da Vinci Interview
Updated: 1/30/2021
Leonardo da Vinci Interview

Storyboard Text

  • Come along through here and I'll show you!
  • OK!
  • Well how else do you expect me to measure human bones?
  • AAKKK!
  • I take the bones of dead bodies and measure the bones. But at this time in history this was not a "good" thing to do.
  • ummm...ok...maybe we should move to your office though...
  • So Vitruvian man is your drawing of the ideal proportions for a human body.
  • Yes! Correct! I heard that your class did their own measurements and ratios of my Vitruvian man! How did that go?
  • Well we ended up getting slightly different ratios.Do you think you could tell us why that is?
  • Hmmm... Well first of all I was measuring dead bodies and you were measuring live people.
  • We were also measuring children's bodies which aren't fully grown yet.
  • I might have also been using a slightly different unit of measurement.