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Updated: 1/26/2021
History board

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  • Massachusetts bay
  • Ha! the witch is dead!
  • You're a witch!
  • This was my best suit!
  • Jamestown
  • we are going to make money from this tobacco
  • We have a new visitor!
  • Quakers/Pennsylvania
  • I'm on it!
  • Over by the house
  • All of ours are dying. How do you keep them alive?
  • They hung/killed young women because they were believed to be witches. Its called the Salem witch trials.
  • Plymouth
  • Put dead fish in the soil!
  • Farmed tobacco and other crops for money.
  • Rhode Island
  • Corn beans and squash for dinner!
  • And the night before last night!
  • Were a religious group but welcomed all people no matter their race or religion. They were "friends" and very kind.
  • Georgia
  • Even though I am grateful for this new life I am afraid Spain will attack us.
  • The Plymouth colony was a group of puritan separatists and Plymouth was the first successful colony that was established.
  • Don't forget the fish I'm cook'n!
  • The Rhode island colony farmed and had natural resources near them like wood and fish. They also had animals like sheep. They are the "lost colony" and did all of this before they went missing.
  • But we had that last night
  • Came to start a new life even though they had a chance Spain would attack them. They were in prison and they had a chance to come here and start this colony.
  • Get a good nights sleep everyone! we will be working extra hard in the morning!
  • I'm always worried about it but at least we aren't in prison anymore.