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Updated: 4/5/2021
History board

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  • Benedict Arnold
  • no one is noticing me after all I have done for them.
  • from colonist to redcoat.
  • You're a traitor!
  • George Washington
  • We can do it!
  • YEA!
  • We can beat the British!
  • YEA!
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • No one was noticing him for what he was doing and the British would, so he switched over to the red coats. He is a famous "Traitor." I think his personality trait would be fairness because he decided they weren't being fair to him, so he left.
  • king George III
  • This is insane! They are MY colonies!!! they are under MY rule!
  • He trained the colonists and he didn't have time to sign the deceleration of independence. I think his personality trait would be leadership because he led the colonists.
  • Paul revere
  • Signed the deceleration of independence and wrote most of it. He was born in Virginia. I think his personality trait would be love of learning because he was a good writer and he was well educated.
  • Francis Merriam (Swamp fox)
  • King George was doing lots of things the colonists didn't like, so they told him what he has to stop. He couldn't meet their demands, so they want to break away from him. His character trait is enthusiasm because he is excited about making people miserable and keeping himself happy.
  • They have demands.
  • Paul revere was part of the sons of liberty. He went from Lexington to Boston, giving word that British troops were coming. His character trait is bravery because it was a brave thing to do, and if he gets caught doing bad things or planning against the British he would be killed.
  • TheBritish are coming!
  • Francis is famous for hiding in trees and shooting from above. He tries to hide in trees so no one can tell where the shot came from. I would say his character trait is smart because that was a smart idea.
  • I wanna get OUT of here!
  • Where did that shot come from?
  • Sorry man