Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The story starts by telling us about the only house left after a nuclear bomb destroyed everything. The symbolism is introduced from the beginning: The use of technology by mankind can cause destruction while nature outlives
  • Tick-tock Seven o'clock, time to get up, seven o'clock!
  • Irony is shown in this scene when the house allows a dog in but is too rigid to even care for him Welcoming life but not capable of caring for it till it dies and is disposable.
  • The fire in this scene was personified:"The fire crackled up the stairs. It fed upon Picassos and Matisses in the upper halls, like delicacies, baking off the oily flesh, tenderly crisping the canvases into black shavings.Now the fire lay in beds, stood in windows, changed the colors of drapes!"