ED Class Work

Updated: 6/19/2020
ED Class Work

Storyboard Text

  • I ain't scared of this so called pandemic. I can still take care of myself and stay alive without A mask!
  • I am a grown up now. My parents aren't supposed to tell me what I should do and what not!
  • Why is everyone just going away from me? What's wrong?
  • Hey! Do you have any balloons? I am planning a party!
  • I don't care! Just that you're an elder doesn't mean you'll teach me!
  • Sorry Mate! Get a mask first. You are not supposed to roam outside just like that.
  • You're under arrest for violating the pandemic laws! Why aren't you wearing a mask? You'll have to come the precinct with me
  • You didn't just threaten yourself but also the whole society by not wearing the mask and promoting the virus!
  • I'm sorry sir. I never understood the importance of this. I will take care from now.
  • Now I understood the value of protecting myself and the society. I will abide by the norms now and will ensure I do wear a mask and keep everyone