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Narrative tenses
Updated: 4/17/2020
Narrative tenses
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Storyboard Description

A group of young people were sitting in the grass on the seashore. Suddenly Peter and Jessica got bored and decided to go for a ride in a rented boat, some time later the dark sky came around it was very windy and suddenly it rained. They realized that they hit rocks and their boat was damaged, they were scared because they did not know how to ask for help, so Peter went swimming to the dock where they rented the boat and the owner helped him by contacting a Hungarian lifeguard. This group of lifeguards went to the rescue, Jessica was waiting for Peter and when she saw other people arrive she was scared, but when they said her name she felt calm.

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, Should we go for a boat ride?
  • Have it been doing a wonderful sun?
  • The day has been very boring...
  • Good afternoon. Help us with a boat please!
  • How are you?Of course
  • The day was very beautiful.Now it's getting dark and I don't like this.
  • Has you been well?
  • Let's crash.What will we do?
  • We can't ask for help. My cell phone fell into the water.
  • My cell phone stayed on the dock. I'm going to go swimming until there.I'll ask for help!
  • Don't panic!Peter is safe on the dock.
  • Hi Jessica.we come help you.
  • Thank you for help me.ButWhere is peter?
  • Jessica!
  • Yes!
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