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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The story starts with Rainsford and Whitney on a yacht. Rainsford and Whitney are both hunters.Whitney is talking to Rainsford about an island that is near by, and how the sailors don't like the place.
  • After a bit of time Rainsford hears a gun shot, then falls off the ship trying to get a pipe he dropped. Rainsford tried to get back on but it didn't work out for him. So Rainsford follows the sound of the gun shots. He found the spot, there seemed to be a fight against a big animal
  • Rainsford found a huge castle like building, and was invited in. He met General Zaroff, who was also into hunting. But Zaroff was bored of hunting animals, so he found a new thing to hunt. And that was anyone who crashed near the island. Zaroff help the crashes happen.
  • After spending some time laying in bed, Rainsford decides he wants to leave. Zaroff lets Rainsford go so that he has time to get prepared for the first night. Rainsford thinks for a while, then he ran a long way making it hard to track him down
  • After running he climbs up a tree to hide. Zaroff comes around, and looks at Rainsford, smiles, then he leaves. Rainsford makes traps for the next nights. He wounds Zaroff, kills Ivan (Zaroff's helper), kills one of Zaroff's best dogs.
  • Zaroff Decides to send all of his dogs to get Rainsford. Rainsford looks at the ocean, and goes for a swim. The dogs find nothing but water. Zaroff has lost Rainsford. When Zaroff enters his room. He finds Rainsford waiting for him. Rainsford challenges Zaroff to fight. Rainsford won that fight.
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