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Book project 2nd 9 weeks
Updated: 10/23/2020
Book project 2nd 9 weeks
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  • Ava gets three wishes that she must say at the lake on her 13th birthday, and she wants to use one of them to bring back her mom’s friend Emily so that she can be happy. She tells her sisters but they don't seem to listen. They tell her that it wont work and that it is too dangerous, but she does it anyway. She goes to find clues on how Emily disappeared, because it is 2 days before her wishing day.
  • I want to use my wish for Mom!
  • HaHaHa!
  • That’s weird. I don't remember either! I need help..
  • Ava investigates and finds out that Emily disappeared by magic and that no one remembers her, so she decides to go to the creepy Bird Lady for help.
  • Emily? Who’s Emily?
  • Oh no! I know what to do!
  • Ava investigates and finds out that Emily disappeared by a wish that Ava’s mom made. The creepy bird lady tells her that her mom came and asked her what to wish for. Emily and her were in a contest, and Emily won. The bird lady told Ava’s mom to wish that she won the contest. She made her wish, and the next day she found out that Emily disappeared. Since Emily disappeared by magic, it will take magic to bring her back. Ava cant just wish to bring Emil back, so she decides to do something else.
  • I did it.
  • It is Ava’s 13th birthday, so she decides to make her wishes. She wishes that she would travel back in time to when her mom was 13, that she could get physic powers to tell her mom without any one else hearing, and that when he was done she would return back home to her time.
  • I wish for .......hopefully this works...
  • Ava then realizes that she is somewhere else. She sees her 13 year old mom and Emily, and with her new powers tells her mom not to wish to win the contest, after she gets her to trust her.
  • No! Don’t wish that! Wish for something else.
  • WHAT WAS THAT?! I guess I wont wish for that then...
  • Why does she look so scared?
  • Ava wakes up in her bed and Emily is there! Her wish worked and now everyone remembers Emily and is happy.
  • Everyone is back together again!
  • She finds out that when her mom was a kid, her and Emily were in a contest.her mom went to the bird lady to ask what to wish for, because her wishing day was tomorrow. The bird lady told her to wish that she won the contest. Her mom wished for that and woke up with Emily gone and no one remembered her. Ava is shocked and leaves before the bird lady can give her bad advice. She knows how to help and goes to the lake to make her wishes, it is her wishing day.
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