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Updated: 10/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The 10 plagues of the 2020s
  • Locked at home / the crazy's
  • Masks on / off
  • By Alice Tolnai
  • Stuck! / sun
  • 2020 sir
  • Excuse me miss, what year is it?
  • 2021 the squirrel up rising / bye bye home
  • Hello there I'm Dogo and here we see a young child bored out of her mind thanks to the up holding plague of 2020. many people eat junk food and binged reality TV to pass time. During this pandemic things get much worse for them, they start to develop the crazy's, they will regent delicious foods such as chocolate milk and Reese's ice cream and sing so loud that people can here them from China.
  • HELP ME!
  • Bad Vaccine / animal humans
  • If you do go outside you must put on a mask that scratches your eyes and as many say stops you from bereaving. Some people often let their nose hang out of there mask spreading the covid because of their pettiness.(We do not acknowledge their presents)
  • Hay that's mine!
  • Many time travelers get stuck in this time. They usually try to get bake before the sun explodes but some are to late.
  • Everyone thought that 2021 would be better, they where wrong. Scientists where testing on a squirrel that had teases of the virus, but instead of finding a vaccine they mutated the squirrel. He gathered to together all of his brother-in and rampaged the earth till they ruled supreme. Every dog in the world was barking but soon they realized that the squirrels where alleys. (Many humans don't now that we wan't freedom)
  • The humans found the vaccine through the squeal up rising. they all got vaccinated so they could fit the animals to get their homes bake, their fools. before this happened all we asked the mystical beasts or in human tums unreal to cast a shrinking spell on the vaccine so that all of the humans would shrink. Wont's that happen we diminished there city's bake into nature and humans where now the new animals. 2020 started with a bat that had a plan.
  • Get out of here!
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