Persian War
Updated: 3/17/2021
Persian War

Storyboard Text

  • Beginning
  • Don't worry Asia Minor we'll help you!
  • You don't own us anymore!
  • You will pay for this!
  • Marathon
  • Finally we won
  • Yeah
  • Glad we didn't wait for backup
  • Thermopylae
  • Was 3 days of fighting worth this?
  • We killed all 300 of them
  • YES!
  • Good! That means we won!
  • Plataea
  • WE WON!
  • I give up! I'm going home!
  • The Sparta 300 fight in a battle with Persia. They fought for 3 long hard days. In the end, Persia won.
  • 1. It helped create a new Greek military method called the Greek Phalanx.2. It also helped create the Greel
  • Too late we already won
  • How did you defeat out entire Navy!
  • This was the final battle. Greece won and the Persians went home.