Communication Process
Updated: 2/3/2021
Communication Process

Storyboard Text

  • The Communication Process
  • This girl here is the sender. The senders job is to encode messages
  • She is using her voice as a channel
  • Hey mom, can I go to the movies with Allison?
  • While she was sending her message, she was intereupted by her siblings arguing so the reciever couldn't hear her. Interference is what this is called.
  • Why'd they interrupt me
  • No, you said you wanted to have my playstation!
  • Mom! He said that I can't play his game!
  • This is the reciever. Her job is to decode the message
  • Anyways, before I was rudely interrupted I wasasking if I could please go to the movies with Allison?
  • The reciever is now giving the sender a response which is called sending feedback
  • Yes, of course you can go sweetheart.