french revolution
Updated: 12/19/2019
french revolution
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  • 1. Meeting of the Estates General
  • Just keep taxing them more and more
  • Can´t you tax them too??
  • I´m not going to listen to anyone.
  • 2. Tennis Court oath
  • We won´t leave until we get what we want
  • 3. Storming of the Bastille
  • We want weapons to protect ourselves from the Swiss
  • The king called the meeting of the estates general to get France out of a financial crisis
  • 4. March on Versailles
  • The third estate didn´t get what they wanted so they pledged to stick together until they did
  • 5. Reign of terror
  • Send them all to the Guillotine for treason!
  • Remember to rat anybody out in fear of the guillotine
  • I shouldn´t have come to Russia. My men are freezing and starving because the Russians burned every thing to the ground.
  • The king had the Swiss military come to protect France but the people wanted to
  • 6. Rise of Napoleon
  • Brrrrr. It´s so cold
  • I guess I´ll have to go back to France.
  • Guillotine
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