Updated: 6/2/2021

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  • Hello Sara, Your mother told me that you were going to be here to pick the food for tonight's dinner
  • Make sure that you put everything in the fridge and don't forget to reheat the cake. 
  • Yes, Grandma we have all under control. the dinner is going to be delicious, we are going to have so much fun
  • Hello Grandma, yes mom told me that you have prepared a lot of food including our favourite cake. YUMM!
  • OOOHHH NOOOO!Grandma is going to kill me.She has been preparing all this food since Tuesday and now is all ruined.Stupid dog
  • I have to call Stephanie. She probably knows what to do.
  • But don't worry I know what to do.I think that we have enough food in the fridge and we can buy some more in the supermarket. We can re cook everything in time for dinner tonight
  • OMG!Grandma is going to be so mad. We don't have any food for this evening. 
  • Stephanie I have called you to meet me here because I was going back home from grandma's house and a dog came running and all the food fell on the floor.
  • OOOHH Thank you.I was sure you would know what to do.You are the best sister ever. Let's go home and prepare everything before anyone arrives.
  • OOHH NO!!We have a problem, I thought that we had more ingredients,, but we only have these. We have to try to do something with this.
  • Okay. Let's do it, but we have to be fast, because they would be her any minute. We also have to set the table.
  • Okay. I can do the pizza and the salad and you can re cook the cake and make it seem like grandma did it and set the table.
  • Okay, think that we can make it. We will cook the pizza re cook the cake and we will make a salad.
  • Hello, Is anybody home?We hope that everything is ready because we have had a long day and we are starving
  • I hope that they are doing everything I told them to do. We are also starving,
  • Hello, we have just arrived. There is a lot of noise in the kitchen i think that they are finishing everything.
  • YEAHH... Oh and there has been a change of plans in the menu because of some problems, but don't worry because we have all under control.
  • Hello girls, What is all that noise in the kitchen?We really want to have dinner.
  • I hope that everyone likes the dinner
  • I hope they don't notice that we have lost al the food
  • YEAHH...Everything will be done in a few minutes so you can go the garden.