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Updated: 3/13/2020
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  • Sources:TCIDictionary.comHistory.com
  • Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be on the $20 bill. -Olivia Hernandez Gomez period 8
  • I hope my presentation about why Andrew Jackson is not being worthy of the $20 bill is good tonight.
  • Jackson was an advocate for a Jacksonian Democracy. Although this may seem good, in reality he was only for the people because that was where he would get most of his votes from. He used it as a way of making him seem just like the average common man, since he grew up a common man.
  • Also what lowered his worthiness of being on the $20 bill was that he was guilty of implementing the spoils systems after winning the presidential election. He cared more on what the persons political opinions were rather than their qualifications.
  • Andrew Jackson also began to force the Southern Native Americans off their land because of the discovery of gold, calling this the Indian Removal act. Additionally, Jackson supported states' rights when it was beneficial to him rather than the rights and powers held by the federal government. Thus making him a selfish man.
  • To carry the act of being a common man, Jackson wanted to close down the Second Bank of the U.S because he felt that the bank was only convenient to the wealthy rather than the "common man." He is definitely not worthy of being on the $20 bill.