ancient India part 2
Updated: 11/3/2019
ancient India part 2

Storyboard Text

  • I don' know sweetie
  • Geography
  • mommy why is the giraffe sleeping?
  • Religeon
  • let's go pray with daddy and your brother
  • okay
  • Acheivments
  • okay
  • There are some major big deserts in India including Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary. They really value their animals in India.
  • Politics/Government
  • Indians are either Buddhist or Hindu. They wear turbans to identify themselves.
  • Economics
  • how was your day at schoolgood
  • One of India's acievments is art and sculpture's. a lot of art comes from India because of their great imagination. and their is a lot of abstract.
  • Society
  • time to go to school. stop drawing
  • teachers are one of the most important people in the Indian society. Because learning is very important to the people of India.
  • India is very poor. they are very strong about traditions. they don't like changing anything. they liv sin very small huts or houses with an entire family living in 1 or 2 rooms.
  • Family's will always go to worship together, eat together, and live together. They are always very close.