phineas gage

Updated: 9/21/2021
phineas gage

Storyboard Text

  • but this accident would make him famos and change him forever
  • run the dynumits gonna blow
  • it was a normal day for phenies gage usin his trusty ol tampon iron blowing up rocks with his assistant in the vermont mount tarain but this was just before his almost fatal accident
  • his job was honest work put the powder in put the sand in pack it down then poke the fuse than light then run like the wind
  • then somthin caught his attion then his tampon iron slid on the granite rock made a spark then boom the tampon iron flew up thew his cheek then came out the top of his head his men saw it happen and rush to his aid
  • then one of his men got on there horse and road to the village looking for a doctor
  • then him and his men rode on a carrige to the village they went very fat then he said i want my book they then arrived then put him on the font porch
  • they got to town and got help fneis would then go on to live another 11 years and become world famos and be a sintific mystoury