World History
Updated: 1/28/2020
World History
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  • Oh no an apple hit me in my head, wait this must means something
  • Oh my are you ok?
  • My name is isaac newton, and when that apple hit my head I think I just discovered gravity
  • My name is Robert Boyle and I am a chemist, back where I work I think I discovered something very important the pressure and volume of gas
  • Hello my name is Louis Pasteur I am a physician in the 1800's and I discovered microbes 
  • My name is Marie Curie and I discovered Radium & Polonium which helped a lot with the medical field.
  • There are a lot of risk but one of them is you never know how it's gonna work out it may go good or may go bad
  • An new idea if powerful enough can change something a lot and especially change a society, but if it's not powerful it won't do much
  • The science changes behind on why things happen and what people think is actually going on.
  • Renaissance encouraged curiosity, investigation, discovery, modern day knowledge.
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