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Updated: 4/13/2021
Teddy - Storyboard

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  • I'm Alexander Green. This is my dad and mom.
  • The Green family lives on a farmhouse. The mother is a florist and the father works at the church as a teacher. Alexander's parents would teach him about the night sky, but the family needs more money, they sell the house and plan to leave the country to go to the city.
  • They take a boat to move to the city, they don't bring much with them. The parents fall sick with disease on the boat and die. Alexander is left with one of his dad's books
  • Alexander moves into an orphanage with a lot of other kids. He gets a job as a chimney sweeper but he isn't getting paid for his work. The stars are not visible at night because of the factories pollution.
  • He starts to work at a rich families' house as a chimney sweeper. The family owns a factory, he becomes friends with a kid that lives there well he works.
  •  The kid helps sneak Alex into school with him. Alex works very hard every night at school and learns so much. Herny convinces his parents to let Alex live with them and they say yes.
  • Alex is living with the family and goes to school, he wants to become a teacher and teach kids.