Updated: 3/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I'm sure its an interesting topic
  • I'm excited For what we'll learn today!
  • Hello class today we will talk about the cell cycle
  • First is the G1 phase, basically what happens is the cell increases in size and synthesize new proteins
  • *Students Arrive to school excited to learn new things*
  • Next is the S phase, during the S phase DNA in the nucleus is replicated and prepared to be split
  • *Teacher tells them what they will learn*
  • The last phase of Interphase is G2. What happens in G2 is the cell produces all the organs needed for cell division and the cell is ready to split. G2 is also the shortest phase of interphase
  • *Students learn in class about G1*
  • After interphase, the cell enters Mitosis, or the actual spliting. The first phase of mitosis is usually the longest, and its prophase. In this phase, the duplicated chromosomes are visible and the nuclear envelope breaks. Spindles start to form outside the cell
  • *Students Learn about S*
  • *Teacher teaches about G2*
  • *Teacher talks about Prophase*