Awkward Train Ride
Updated: 3/12/2020
Awkward Train Ride

Storyboard Text

  • I am very excited to go to the museum, I hope I can meet a new friend on the train.
  • I am glad this train is empty, I should be able to have a nice quiet ride home.
  • Hi, I would like to sit next to you
  • Great thanks for letting me sit next to you, I am Steve, do you like museums? This is my emotional support goat Reggie
  • This train is empty, I would prefer you sit somewhere else. Is that a goat? Please leave me alone.
  • Did you not hear me? Can you at least sit on the opposite seat? I am going to get the conductor
  • I get a little tired on the train, I am going to rest my head on your should to take a nap?
  • He is very well trained, he only has accidents when he is scared. Oh no you scared him.
  • Conductor, this man brought his goat on the train.
  • Sir, only certified service animals are allowed on this train, you must get off on the next stop.
  • You are a jerk, I am going to post about this on Facebook, the internet will shame you. Lets go Reggie
  • Time for you and your goat to get lost and don't come back.