Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • This is Pygmalion he is known to be creative and a great inventor. One day he was at his computer and tried to get his project done for one of his classes but he didn't have any good ideas. He decide to watch the news to distract himself . THere was a story about people making new technological products.
  • He suddenly has a great idea he was going to create a miniature robot. He got up from his computer and ran all over his house to get the things he would need to make his project. 
  • He got super excited about his invention but then he suddenly felt lonely. He worked on his invention but couldn't stop thinking about what type of girl he would date. When he was finished he looked at it and it looked like a girl instead of what he wanted it to look like but then he realised she was all he wanted in a girl. He wished she was real so he prayed to a god he learned about in class her name was Aphrodite the god of love and beauty.
  • When Pygmalion was at his 2nd period at school he presented his creation to the class ;the class loved it and he got an A in his class. But he didn't feel happy he was still thinking about the girl he wished existed.
  • In all of Pygmalion's classes he couldn't concentrate but then in his 6th period a new student came to his school her name was Charlotte. When Pygmalion saw her he was so happy he really wanted to talk to her but he knew he would get into trouble so he waited until after class.
  • When class was over he build up the courage and talked to her. They both really hit it off. He asked her out and learned alot about her. Soon after 6 months they started to date. When they both got to their homes he thanked the god for the love of his life. They both lived happily in the end.
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