Marionettes Inc. Conflict
Updated: 12/8/2020
Marionettes Inc. Conflict

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  • Brailing wanted...
  • “I’ve had him for a month. I keep him in the cellar in a toolbox. My wife never goes downstairs, and I have the only lock and key to that box. Tonight I said I wished to take a walk to buy a cigar. 2
  • Brailing however...
  • “I’m afraid you don’t understand. I think—I’m in love with her.” 3
  • Brailing therefore...
  • “Good-by, Braling.” 4
  • Brailing explains to Smith that he wants to get away to Rio for 2 months so he tells Smith he has a Marionette. This Marionette looks exactly like him and acts like him.
  • Smith wanted...
  • “Could I—I mean, is there a possibility...” Smith took his friend’s elbow earnestly. “Can you tell me where I can get one, a robot, a marionette, for myself? You will give me the address, won’t you?” 2
  • However, Brailing Two falls in love with his wife. The start fighting and get in a huge argument. Brailing tries to call Marionette Inc.
  • Smith however
  • “10,000 is missing!” He leaped up. “There’s only 5,000 left! What’s she done? What’s Nettie done with it? 3
  • One of them lives happily ever after with the wife while the other is locked away in the box in the attic...
  • Smith therefore...
  • "Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick" 4
  • "Nettie!'
  • Smith also wants to get away from his wife. When he hears Brailing experience with the Marionettes he's intrigued...
  • Smith decides to buy a Marionette, but when he goes to find the money, he notices 10,000 is missing.
  • He goes to confront Nettie, but here's a tick tick tick.Smith discovers that Nettie is a Marionette and he's been lied to.
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