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BIlly- determination
Updated: 9/1/2020
BIlly- determination
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Give two examples about when Billy had determination and when I had determination .

Storyboard Text

  • "It's ok guy's I'm trying."
  • "Raw raw raw rwrw."
  • "I just cant cut it down I'm sorry. "
  • "Raw raw rww raw."
  • "Get him,Dan, get him."
  • Billy and his dogs are Determined chop down this here tree that has a coon in it. Billy wants to keep his promise to his dogs and help them. "I'm going to cut you down. I don't care if it takes me a whole year"(Rawls 74).
  • "I think that is a great idea."
  • " Yeah you know what you. should save up to buy it."
  • "This ukulele is so bueatiful I wish i could buy it."
  • "I will save up in this envlope with my name on it."
  • "My back throbed like a stone bruise. The muscles in my legs and arms started quivering and jerking. I couldn't gulp enough air to cool the burning heat in my lung's. My strength was gone. ... With tears inmy eye's I told them that I just couldn't cut the big tree down" (Rawls 79).
  • "Sounds good."
  • "There was a lighting-like crack as its trunk snapped. In its down ward plunge, the huge limbs stripped the branches from the smaller tree's. ... Out of the broken, twisted, tangled mass streaked a brown furry ball. I turned my dogs lose and started screaming at the top of my lungs, ' Get him, Dan, get him'" (Rawls 88).
  • "So am I You deserve this. Youve worked hard. "
  • "Thank you guys. "
  • "Im so happy for you!"
  • Grit- Determination to do something having patience and hard work.
  • I saved up my money in envelope with my name on it. I saved up my money for 6 months to buy that ukulele so that my friend could teach me how to play and could get good one day.
  • After what felt like a year I was finally able to buy the ukulele and my friend started to teach me some songs. I learned 4 songs from her not many but then I started to use an app and I sorta still practice.
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