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Updated: 1/16/2020
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fall of han dynasty, rise of song dynasty

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  • Emperor Xiandi was the last ruler of the Han Dynasty before he was forced to give up the throne.
  • The Yellow Turban Rebellion happened in 184 and was led by Zhang Jue.
  • Warlords would take advantage of the power vacuum to take over China.
  • Emperor Xiandi was not a very strong ruler and under his rule, court officials unprincipled and started working for themselves and not for the benefit of China.
  • Emperor Wendi was the first emperor of the Sui dynasty and reunited China.
  • The Yellow Turbans were a secret Chinese peasant society that attacked the North China Plains. This is because they believed that the Emperor's servants had to much power over the Emperor.
  • Taizu was a military inspector-general that founded the Song dynasty, which lasted until 1279.
  • Because of this, there was constant war and many people died as a result of it. Eventually, the three most powerful warlords took over; Wei, Wu, and Shu-Han. Because there was no central government, China was involved in a civil war that lasted 60 years.
  • The Song dynasty were the first to start creating paper money.
  • Emperor Wendi reunited the Han dynasty, but the Sui dynasty did not last long after his death. The last emperor was overthrown by Li Yuan, who founded the Tang Dynasty. Li Yuan's dynasty collapsed, which caused China to split into five kingdoms.
  • The Song dynasty was founded by Taizu and was considered a golden age. Some strategies from the Sui and Tang dynasty were still used, like taxation and land distribution. To get a government job, one had to take a test based on Confucius' teachings.
  • Paper making had been available since the Han dynasty, but the Songs were the first to make paper money. The Chinese also made many more discoveries and inventions, such as gunpowder and the crossbow. Silk was China's most important product, and was a heavily guarded secret.
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