Updated: 9/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Long Shot
  • Close up
  • Hello?
  • Mid Shot
  • I am here to inform...
  • Is this Miss Rachel?
  • Rachel receives a phone call while she is at home on break.[The camera will be away from the character to bring in the scene of her actions, watching tv etc. Overall enjoying herself]
  • Close up
  • That your mother has passed away.
  • The number and contact is unknown.[The camera will then zoom in on camera in a added cut in scene to show the unknown caller]
  • Tracking
  • Its her mothers doctor, who sounds very mournful.[Mid shot of the doctor, he can be pacing around and show less of his face in his scene]
  • Tilt/Track
  • Sobs
  • The bad news[Switches back to showing the full of the characters shocked face as the doctors line is said]
  • She drops the phone to the floor out of shock which the camera follows.[Done in slow motion and warp around this scene as everything emotional and chaotic happens which represents the characters current emotions.
  • The camera won't need to change as she follows after to stay in shot by falling to her knees crying.[After following the phone dropping, the camera goes back to even eye view when the character drops the floor]