Macbeth project 2
Updated: 3/5/2021
Macbeth project 2

Storyboard Text

  • The King as heard of your success and would like to make you the thane of Cawdor
  • Ross comes to tell Macbeth that the King will like to make him the Thane of Glamis
  • Really?! Although i think it is highly unlikely that you will be come King
  • Honey, Today i have been told that I will be the Thane of glamis and the Thane of Cawdor. Also there where witches that told me that i will be come King too
  • Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth about the witches and his prophecies but she doe not believe him
  • I do not believe that you will kill the King without me
  • I should kill the king to complete the prophecies that the witches said would happen.
  • He tells Lady Macbeth that he wants to kill the King but she does not think he will do it without her
  • Macbeth is getting nervous on what he is about to do so he wants to kill him fast with no consequence
  • I want the kings death to be quick and no consequences but i can not bring ,y self to do it