baseball superhero
Updated: 12/9/2020
baseball superhero

Storyboard Description

Tristan discovers his superhuman ability and is challenged to balance out his normal life and what to do with his new gift

Storyboard Text

  • of course we are! we will do great!
  • jonathan are were set for baseball tryouts today?
  • what! i'm flying!
  • are you okay Tristan?
  • i need to go home...
  • did you just-
  • am i a superhero now
  • do i need to re-brand my personality
  • what am i going to do?
  • i know baseball tryouts are coming up but who needs that when i can fly
  • i am better than everyone now, and i don't need anyone
  • time to help out!
  • but you are right, i dont know what has been going on lately
  • whatever you just dont understand! you think i asked for this??
  • what the heck tristan why have you been acting like this!?
  • you were so studious, humble and my best friend now i dont know who you are anymore
  • it's okay, i really thought i lost you for good
  • .
  • i'm just glad you realized what was just and fair
  • i'm sorry for everything guys, i know i was being unfair about your feelings
  • .