computer basics
Updated: 12/7/2020
computer basics

Storyboard Text

  • the problem
  • hmm, I wonder what's wrong with my computer, I'll ask Cole
  • the question
  • sure
  • somethings wrong with my computer, could you help me? It's not letting me type
  • possible problems 1
  • a keyboard is made of several small buttons called keys and each key corresponds to a letter, symbol or number, and a keyboard is an input device
  • well your keyboard seems to be fine
  • could you explain everything to me
  • and the mouse is moving, but not picking up on screen, a mouse is a pointing device that controls the movement of a pointer on the screen. (there are double clicks and single clicks) and mouses are also an input device
  • Johnathan is wondering what's wrong with his computer, so he calls his brother Cole into his room to help him figure it out. Cole knows a lot more about computers than Johnathan does.
  • possible problems 2
  • okay
  • well the cpu, which stands for Central processing unit is the brain of the computer, all parts of the computer are connected to the cpu. your cpu feels really hot, maybe you should take a break and give it a little rest, so it doesn't get overworked
  • Cole agrees to help Johnathan with his computer.
  • the solution
  • Here Cole is explaining some parts of the computer and what they do.
  • the end
  • no problem!
  • alright, thanks for the help bro
  • Here Cole is explaining more parts of the computer and what they do.
  • Cole is telling Johnathan about the cpu and that he needs to take a break
  • Now Johnathan is thanking his brother.
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