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Updated: 12/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • We are the consuls and we managed the army and passed the laws.
  • I remembered when I vetoed you two weeks ago on a ridicules law.
  • Consuls
  • Hi, i'm a senate and there are 300 of us.
  • The Senate
  • We also suggest laws to the consuls.
  • Tribunes
  • I am a Tribune and I was elected by a Plebeian.
  • I vetoed a law that the Plebeians did not like yesterday.
  • The Assemble
  • Hey Mr, did you know that any citizen can vote.
  • Yes, yes I did. But i'm voting for a consul. That person over there is voting for the importance of Rome.
  • I was administered from the Partition class. I was elected by my friend that is a judge
  • Praetors
  • Julius Caesar being stabbed to death.
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