Looking out of the window
Updated: 6/2/2020
Looking out of the window

Storyboard Text

  • O no! I am in jail, I want to look out of the window!Lets look for a way!
  • 1.6m
  • 55°
  • I know how long the slope is and the angle so now I can calculate how high the window is.
  • I cannot reach 2.3M I am only 1.8M I will need something for that.
  • A box I need that!Sir can I have that box?
  • Only if you help me with something!Come with me!
  • Tan(∠bed=55°)=?÷1.6m?=1.6 tan(55°)=2.3m
  • Can you calculate the incline of the roof at the side of the church?The angle of evalation is 50°
  • Okay, let me calculate, the incline is 1.19 and that means the grade is 119%
  • Now I can finally look outside!
  • angle of evalation=50°incline=tan(50°)=1.19grade=119%
  • Thank you! you can have your box now.