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Lord of the Flies Storyboard
Updated: 4/23/2020
Lord of the Flies Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • What are we doing about the beastie thing?
  • Where is the little boy from early today?
  • Stay back Piggy, we will go look around the island.
  • Piggy listening to the little boy shows that he has compassion, empathy and cares about what he is saying. These are some very important leadership skills.
  • I think I should be the leader.
  • Piggy asking about where the little boy is shows that he notices little details and this is also another good leadership skill.
  • "His specs use them as burning glasses" (Golding 31).
  • Ralph is taking responsibility and telling Piggy to stay back and watch the little kids. He is giving Piggy less important job and that was kind of setting up the hierarchy.
  • "I'll split my choir my hunters into groups" (Golding 32).
  • Ralph feels like he should be the boss and make the rules, but I think that this will cause tension. I think Piggy is a better leader whereas Ralph is a better boss.
  • This starts tension between Jack and Piggy. Jack is taking Piggy's glasses without asking. It was a good idea but he should have asked. I think Jack likes to be in charge but he is also mischievous.
  • Jack's choir becomes hunters. Jack wants to be a leader and does things so the other boys will like him.
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