King Lear
Updated: 1/6/2021
King Lear

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  • Ah, there you are. I've been looking for you everywhere.
  • Well, I've been thinking about it lately and as I'm getting old, I feel like I should appoint one of my sons as the ruler of the jungle. What should I do?
  • You're as wise as they say, Ken. Thank you and have a good night!
  • Oh, you just ask them to rule the jungle for a day and if they love you they will surely obey. Then appoint the one who obeys you to show his love.
  • Hey Glaucus, what's up?
  • After blowing down the house of the three little pigs, Leo the father wolf stole all their possessions and decided to give it to the son that shows his love by roasting one of the pigs for him- a forbidden thing in their pack.
  • Dad, how is that right? We cannot do that to them and you know they're my friends!
  • No problem dad, you know I can do that!
  • I know Raymond is just doing it for the money but what is wrong with dad? He was never like that. I must talk to somebody and help dad see better.
  • How dare you disrespect your father? Ever since you were a young boy you were such a caring little kid but, NO, I don't want that anymore. A wolf and is an enemy of the pigs!
  • No matter how much I love you, you should leave now as you don't belong in the pack.
  • Yeah Cora, don't be such a sissy. Don't you love your dad?
  • As Cora and Raymond leave, Kenneth the Wise Owl comes to meet Leo.
  • Kenneth leaves and Cora tells his girlfriends what happened
  • And kicking Cora out like that?
  • Leo, what are you thinking? When, during our whole lives, have we done something like that?
  • Eat me? Look at how what you've become!
  • Don't you see that he loves you and called me to help you?
  • He obviously doesn't He could have roasted me the pig to prove it! He can take his kind heart somewhere else!
  • Kenneth stop it and leave my place now!
  • Kenneth, you've said enough! Get out or I'll eat you
  • It is none of your business Kenneth!
  • Babe! Francesca! Dad just kicked me out of the house just because I refused to roast my pig friends for him. I have no share in the treasures he stole!
  • Nah, either you do what he says and get that money or I ain't gonna be your girl.
  • Your love is based on riches and fortunes, Burnette and clearly you don't love me I'm moving in with Francesca.
  • It's okay Cora you have the heart of a true wolf and I know that you'll love me the same way you love your father. You can move in with me.
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